‘Tis the season for summer festivals, concerts and, picnics which means portable smoking accessories are essential. Here’s just one of our favorites for this summer, the Cloud V2 vape pen – it’s super portable and reliable! For even more vaporizer options, stop in or give us a call!



It’s a great time of year for customers and staff here at Blue! We are just brimming with holiday gifts for all! On the smoke shop side, we’ve added lots of new concentrate accessories and rigs to our ever-expanding selection of smoking utensils, and we’re delighted to offer a huge array of home decor with recent additions to our incense, wall hangings, and deity collections. Plus, through the month of December, every purchase earns a 10%off wooden nickel and as always, every$50 purchase earns a free t-shirt or tote bag. Hope to see you in the shop soon!


It’s that time again! We’re happy to announce the details of our anniversary giveaway! We’ll be giving away over $1000 in prizes at our Anniversary Sale, Black Friday November 29th, 2013. Here’s how to enter!

In Store

Get an entry ticket for every $25 you spend in store November 1st through 27th!


Get 5 entry tickets for every picture you submit of you wearing Blue gear (t-shirt, sweatshirt, tote-bag). That’s 5 tickets for EVERY different design/color!

NEW THIS YEAR! 50 entry tickets will be awarded for the most creative Blue gear picture!

– send pictures to along with your full name and phone number, then look for your picture on our facebook page! All photos will be posted on our facebook page unless otherwise specified. Submission deadline is 3pm November 27th, 2013

Thanks to those of you who came out for 2013! Congratulations to our winners!





We love local glass here at Blue, so this month we decided to showcase one of our favorite local glassblowers, Alex of Oracle Glass!

Last time we saw Alex (besides bringing us cases of beautiful functional art!) he took the time to answer a few questions about glass blowing, giving us insight into what inspires and drives this talented local (and we mean LOCAL – born right here in West Allis) blower. Below you’ll find an interview with Alex and a gallery showcasing some of his pieces available on Blue shelves now! Enjoy!


Blue: Where are you from?

Alex: West Allis, Wi

Blue: How long have you been blowing glass?

Alex: 3 years on the 20th of April 2013

Blue: How did you learn to blow glass? Did you take classes? Do an apprenticeship?

Alex: I’m self taught, I learned by reading books and from the advice of others on an online forum.  I had never seen anyone blow glass up to when I started, and through my first year blowing glass besides on youtube.

Blue: What is your favorite part of the glass blowing process?

Alex: I like everything really, but the thing I like a lot is joining hollow sections of patterns to make bigger and more complex pieces, I like using bridges and a handtorch to get all the little creases and edges of welds polished smooth.

Blue: What is your favorite type of pipe to make? What’s the hardest type of pipe to make?

Alex: I really like to make stemless bubblers, they are very open concept and can be made in many ways allowing full creativity to be had in the design – lots of room for details too.  They are also a challenge to plan so that they bubble well, can be cleaned and filled easily, and stand up or lay back without spilling anything. As for the hardest pipe, long answer, but its hard to say really what the hardest pipe to make is. With all the different types of seals and configurations that are out there, anything can be done. Last year I watched 2 guys using hand torches and Kevlar pads laid out on a collapsible table put together a working, 3 fuel flamethrower made completely from glass, the trigger mechanics, fuel regulators, and everything! Not a pipe but I’ve seen a similar concept on an oil rig with a built-in all glass butane torch, the lower half of the base bubble held liquid butane and the torch was aimed at a nail and built into a hinged dome.

Blue: What advice can you give to other artists out there?

Alex: Stay at it, spend as much time at whatever you are into as you can.  Even failed attempts are practice and never time wasted.  Last, take a break or a day off if its not going your way. There are times that you can get back into it and turn the day around, but if things just keep not going your way, its no use getting more frustrated.

Blue: Finally, what is your favorite color and why?

Alex: I like to do a lot of gold and silver fuming under clear with a saturated transparent color to back it and make the fume stand out. Gold makes greens and pinks, silver makes yellows, whites and blues. When combined in different amounts, you can get some very unique purples with spacey gaseous looking fades around a main tone.

Blue: Fascinating stuff. Thanks Alex!

~ Don’t forget to check out Alex’s pieces in-store (they’ll be marked with a “made in Wisconsin” cheese sticker)! ~

Springtime at Blue!

Spring has officially sprung here at Blue, and our staff, store, and artists are enjoying the energy and inspiration springtime brings!

We recently re-arranged some of our cases and we’re putting out new stock almost daily so if you haven’t been in for a while, it’s a great time to come take a look! Also, through the month of May, we are giving out 10% off wooden nickels with every purchase.

May also marks the beginning of Third Thursday Art Crawls here in West Allis-Downtown happening every third Thursday of the month, May-Sept! The first Art Crawl is May 16th. This month we’ll be featuring live music in our alcove from Sound Check Studios, and free Henna tattoos.

Below is a selection from some of our glassblowers out in Colorado. We can’t get enough of that dichro octopus!

Hope to see you in the shop soon!



Welcome to Blue’s official website! We have lots to be excited about here at Blue, from our amazing and inspiring products and staff to the amazing and inspiring artists and vendors we work with! Not to mention all of the happenings here in Downtown West Allis.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite photos of current and past products to give newcomers an idea of what we carry here at Blue, and for you regulars, be sure to check out our galleries for a treat for the eyes, especially our heady and specialty glass hand pipes.